Confined Space Entry with Escape BA & Self-Rescue Procedures - CST003

This course is for any person who needs to develop the essential underpinning skills and knowledge required to plan, enter, work and exit confined spaces via a vertical shaft and where escape breathing apparatus is part of the planned means of self-rescue.

This course will cover:

  1.    Outcomes of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
  2.    Personal protection and hygiene requirements
  3.    Risk assessing residual hazards
  4.    Types of gaseous atmosphere, portable gas monitoring equipment and its use
  5.    The use of harness tripod/man-riding winch, fall arrest and safety line
  6.    The use of escape breathing apparatus and self-rescue procedures
  7.    Safe entry working and exit procedures at confined spaces
  8.    Question paper
  9.    Knowledge and skill exercises for planning, permits, entering, working and exiting confined spaces using escape-breathing apparatus as a part of the planned means for self-rescue.

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