Management & Supervision of Work at Confined Spaces - CST005

A 3 day course for any person who has responsibility for planning safe systems of work, after risk assessment, for others entering confined spaces, uses permits to work as part of a safe system and is appointed by the employer to be the Responsible or Authorising Officer responsible for confined spaces and/or implementing/maintaining the employer’s confined spaces policy.

This course will cover:

  1. Legislation and ACOP relevant to confined spaces working.

  2. Specified risks and their control.

  3. Risk assessing residual hazards.

  4. Types of gaseous atmosphere.

  5. Operation of safe systems of work.

  6. Using permit-to-work control measures.

  7. Personal protection and hygiene requirements.

  8. Health standards for staff and contractors.

  9. Documentation and records.

Selection and use of

  • portable gas monitoring equipment

  • harnesses

  • hoists

  • winches

  • safety line

  • fall arrest systems

  • escape breathing apparatus

  • short term working breathing apparatus.

Emergency planning and rescue procedures. Self-rescue and emergencies.

Practical exercises in planning for entering, working and exiting confined spaces.

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