Crowcon T4 portable multigas detector

Crowcon T4 portable multigas detector

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The Crowcon T4 portable multigas detector provides effective protection against 4 common gas hazards: carbon monoxide; hydrogen sulphide; oxygen depletion; flammable gases

As well as the one-button operation and easy-to-use menus standard to all Crowcon products, T4 is packed with other innovative features to make use simpler and the wearer safer.

New Features

18 hour battery

With an extended battery life of 18 hours, T4 allows users to undertake longer or multiple shifts between charging.

Positive Safety

Crowcon’s visual ‘traffic light’ indication gives the user constant assurance, through a bright green Positive Safety LED, that the unit is compliant and operating correctly. If it's flashing red, your unit needs attention!

TWA Resume

Unique to T4 and Crowcon, TWA Resume ensures worker exposure to toxic gases is correctly measured throughout a shift. When most portable gas detectors are turned off and on again, the TWA resets itself, assuming a new work shift is about to begin. TWA Resume provides the option to include previous measurements and ensure that exposure during your work shift continues to be assessed cumulatively. (UK Patent pending - Application Number 1501699.1)

Invertible screen

The backlit display can now be inverted 180 degrees to make gas readings easier to read whilst wearing the T4.

The T4 detector is designed for use in industries such as the oil and gas sector; water and waste treatment facilities, utility companies and steel processing plants. 

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