Crowcon T4 Gas Detector

Crowcon T4 Multi Gas Detector – CO, H2S, LEL, O2 (Rechargeable Battery) and 3 Year Warranty

Crowcon T4 portable gas detectorThis detector provides a streamlined, user-friendly design that is complemented by its one-button-use operation, ensuring reliable protection against the most common four gases: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flammable gases (LEL) and oxygen (O2).

The advanced technology and variety of features make the Crowcon T4 intrinsically safe and easy to use.

Its rugged housing is made of an anti-shock rubber, and its ATEX approval means this device can be used in the most perilous work environments.

The Crowcon T4 has a clear, backlit display and compliance indicator that flashes green when the unit is working safely and switches to red when attention is required.

Crowcon T4 Technical Details

Key Features

  • Innovative TWA Resume Function
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Robust anti-shock
  • Triple audible, visual, and vibrating alarm system
  • Traffic light indicators provide constant assurance.
  • Water and Dust resistant to IP65 & IP67
  • Includes a three-year warranty

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