BW Technologies

Specializing in portable gas detection, the BW Technologies range offers a comprehensive series of products that cover a wide spectrum of gas types, including the popular LELs, H2S, O2 and CO. Here at Rockall, we have a generous collection including the Micro 5 range, Solo range, MicroClip XL range and the Exteme range.

Suitable for numerous applications, these single and multi gas detectors offer quality safety solutions that will see you through your day to day operations. In addition to monitors, we also offer a generous range of compatible accessories and supplies, including bump test gas, sensors, Microdocks and power packs.

If you have any questions relating to our products or services or are looking for a products that isn’t displayed on the website, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sale staff on 0845 3300 447 or email our team at

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