About Us

Why choose Rockall Safety?

Since 1995, Rockall Safety has been one of the UK’s top  suppliers of professional safety equipment to thousands of clients from a wide range of industries in the private and public sectors, including food & beverage, water & wastewater, petrochemicals, construction, as well as oil & gas. We specialise in gas detection, monitoring, and measuring and offer a comprehensive product range which includes fixed and portable gas detectors, respiratory protection, and diagnostics equipment.

Our dedicated technical sales specialists are fully trained and certified to advise individual clients on the services and products they need to achieve the highest standards of safety.


With an established team of in-house engineers, trained and certified directly by manufacturers, our product range is calibrated, and tested to the highest standards prior to dispatch, which ensures that what you receive from us is immediately fit for field use upon arrival.

Rockall is an award-winning company which has successfully partnered with the world’s leading gas safety manufacturers such as Honeywell, Dräger, and Crowcon to provide a wide range of products that cover various applications.  We are even proud to be an Approved Service Point (ASP) for Dräger and BW by Honeywell.

Our main principles

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, reliable gear, and technical support to our customers. Operating nationwide, our success as a business is based on our customer-oriented approach. We offer prompt and efficient service, the best prices, and most importantly the right safety solutions to meet your requirements.

Our Services

Choosing Rockall ensures that you receive only the most reliable equipment available on the market, calibrated and tested by our certified engineers.

We also offer after-sales repair and maintenance checks on your safety devices, ensuring that these are up-to-date and function properly.