Tripods & Fall Arrest Systems

The perfect solution for those operating in confined spaces, or requiring a rescue-from-height scenario, these tripods & fall arrest systems present a durable and versatile safety product that can relied on when you need it most.

Made from strong but lightweight aluminium, both quadpod and tripod variants can be easily transported and quickly set up when required.

By working with brands such as Globestock, Ridgegear and G-force, we can provide our users with only the best industry-standard equipment around.

Tried and tested by our in-house specialist safety engineers, we can guarantee the reliability of these products and that they meet their safety requirements.

We also offer a comprehensive range of safety products in addition to the contents of this page. If you would like more information regarding tripods & fall arrest systems, give us a call at 02920 759 683 or email our team at