ATEX certified radios

Our range of ATEX certified radios offer advanced reliable communication methods where access to quick information is critical.

Designed to operate even in the most hostile environments, withstand explosive atmospheres, such as mines and other hazardous areas these robust radios provide a strong audio output, which is a preferred feature during fire and rescue operations.

These radios are also able to safely operate in sensitive environments exposed to oil and gas where standard radios could ignite fumes or cause a chemical reaction

In using lithium-Ion batteries, these shock resistant radios offer a generous battery life, which can be quickly recharged when required.

Including phones, personal distress monitors and hard-line systems, we offer a generous range of communication resources that can be relied upon across a wide selection of industries.

To find out more regarding our ATEX certified radios or other services, give our amazing support team a call on 0845 3300 447 or email us at

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