Portable Work Lighting

Portable Work lighting has become an essential part of modern industry. From construction, to motorway maintenance, groundworks and our emergency services, these lightweight yet rugged pieces of equipment have become indispensable.

Peli working lighting equipment provides you with the perfect rechargeable solution for work areas and emergency scenes that require a wide coverage of illumination. Giving you an extensive battery life, some of these products can give you power for up to 9 hours before another charge is required.

Noted on these listings are comprehensive specs regarding its lumens, run time and additional features.

In addition to work lighting, we also supply head & hand torches and other safety related equipment, including gas detectors, breathing apparatus and fall arrest systems.

If you would like to know regarding our range of Portable Work lighting or would like any support in tracking down the right equipment, please give us a call on 0845 3300 447 or email our team at info@rockallsafety.co.uk.

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