Workers who are operating within sewage and drainage systems are frequently exposed to the dangers of a confined space. The risks include oxygen deficiency, overheating, fire, liquids, dust and toxic gases, all of which can cause serious health issues to a worker if precautions aren’t made.

The decaying of household and industrial waste can cause many gases to build up in a confined area, including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Many of these gases are toxic and can lead to health issues or even death should a worker be exposed to them at even a low concentration. These gases are also highly flammable and pose the risk of igniting which could cause fatalities. Gases found in drainage systems can deplete the oxygen content in the bloodstream which can cause a worker to lose consciousness and suffer respiratory distress.

To ensure the safety of workers operating within sewers or drainage systems, applicable gas detectors must be supplied to anyone entering the area. All workers should be correctly trained on how to operate the devices, and thorough assessments should take place prior to entry to ensure complete safety.

Workers may also require comprehensive confined space equipment, such as tripods, harnesses and winches, allowing easy access into the area.

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