Portable Gas Detector Calibration Service

Regular calibration and servicing of personal gas monitors is essential to ensuring both the safety of your workforce and in keeping your safety equipment compliant and safe to use throughout the year.

To ensure the integrity of your gas detector’s sensors, manufacturers such as Drager, Rae Systems, Honeywell and Crowcon recommend calibrating personal gas monitors every six months.

Our experienced engineers are manufacturer trained, providing quick turnarounds and can even calibrate your detection equipment at your business premises when required.

Once we receive your portable gas detectors, our engineers will conduct a thorough inspection and calibration process and then issue a certificate. On finding a fault, our team will contact you with a detailed description and provide a repair/replacement quotation on your request.

The integrity of your personal gas monitors is paramount to the safety of your crew, so call us today on 0845 3300 447, or fill in the form below and we will call you back as soon as we can.