Oxygen (O2)

Despite making up around 21% of the air we breathe, oxygen (O2) can be extremely dangerous to workers if overexposure or underexposure occurs. An oxygen-deficient environment is common within the petrochemical and refining industries, as well as in confined space areas. Just a 2% decrease in the O2 content can affect a worker’s abilities, while a drop to anything less than 10% oxygen in the atmosphere can cause fainting, respiratory problems and even death.

Alternatively, too much O2 in the atmosphere also creates a dangerous environment for a worker. It becomes easier to start a fire, which will then burn hotter and more fiercely than in normal air. Employers must provide workers with the correct equipment to ensure safety – take a look through our generous selection of O2 gas detectors that can monitor the levels of oxygen in the immediate area.

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