G7 Dock

G7 Dock

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Blackline Safety G7 Dock

G7 Dock

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G7 Dock – The simple, smart solution to charging, calibrating and more

Blackline Live makes it easy to manage changes to G7 Dock inlet configurations. Many organisations leverage the convenience of multi-gas mixtures while others employ single-gas cylinders for the improved cost of detector testing and calibration.

The default configuration is a multi-gas mixture but also supports single-gas setups. Each dock has five ports at the back of the device – four gas inlets and one outlet for exhausting calibration gas. G7 Dock is configurable to manage to up four gas cylinders.

Easy to use, ready to perform

Unlike the complicated functions of other docking systems, the G7 is simple to use and ready right out of the box – all you must do is plug it into an outlet.

Once a gas cylinder is attached and a G7c or G7x wearable device is inserted and the lid closed, pending calibrations or bump tests are initiated and completed automatically. Device entirely compliant? Your G7 device can simply stay in the dock to charge for as long as needed.

Direct-to-cloud, direct to you

Bump test, calibration and device usage data are automatically streamed over the air through the G7 wearable to Blackline Live. With so much valuable data in a centralized place, you have an in-depth view and understanding of your worksite, empowering you to drive informed decisions to make your business more efficient and productive.

Never waste time manually collecting data from docking stations and collating it yourself – this Dock does it all, simply.



  • Over-the-air updates
  • Manage all dock configurations through Blackline Live portal
  • Automatic bump tests
  • Automatic calibrations
  • Dock and gas usage reports via Blackline Analytics
  • Doubles as a convenient charging station for G7 devices
    (Standard, Single-gas, and multi-gas)


Size & Weight
Size: 215mm x 102mm x 95mm (8.46” x 3.94” x 3.74”)
Weight: 202g (7.1oz)

Gas configuration
4 customizable gas inlets, 1 gas outlet

Bump test
25 second bump test, less than 10 seconds of gas applied during a bump Calibration 4-minute calibration, less than 2 minutes of gas applied during a calibration

Gas Usage
Optimized gas delivery (less than 500mL/min)

Regulatory Compliance


  • Over-the-air configuration updates
  • Automatic Bump
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Dock usage reports
  • Gas usage reports

Power Supply:
Blackline requires using the power supply provided with your G7 Dock

Input voltage: 5 VDC @ 1000 mA

Power connector:
Micro-USB 120/240 VAC power adaptor and USB cable included

Warranty: Two-year warranty


G7 Dock – bump test and calibration

This video outlines how to bump test and calibrate your G7 Portable Gas Detector using the G7 Dock.

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