Dräger PAS AirPack 2 Air Line System

Dräger PAS AirPack 2 Air Line System

From: £4,390.99

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From: £4,390.99

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Dräger PAS AirPack 2 Air Line System

Dräger PAS AirPack 2 Air Line System

From: £4,390.99

£0.00 inc VAT

Dräger PAS AirPack 2

Offering a uninterrupted air supply thanks to its mounted air cylinders on the trolley via the hose real, this all in one solution is extremely easy to work in.

Coated in a anti-static powder steel material, this device accommodated 2 air cylinders of up to 50 litres, whereas the the rear wheels include a user friendly foot brake, providing added safety during day to day operations.

AirPack 2 Trolley Module includes

  • Pressure reducer suitable for connecting breathable quality air at an input pressure of either 200 or 300 bar.
  • Pressure reducer suitable for supplying breathable quality air at an outlet medium pressure of 8 bar nominal (6 to 10 bar).
  • Vent valves, to allow for the indepen dent charging of an individual cylinder.
  • High Pressure (HP) gauge, indicating cylinder pressure.
  • Medium Pressure (MP) gauge, indicating cascade system or ring main pressure.

Safety features

  • Whistle Warning Unit – High pressure (HPWWU), indicating cylinder pressure to a volume of
    approximately 55 bar
  • Whistle Warning Unit – Medium pressure (MPWWU) for use with independent air line source. Indicating
    cascade system or ring main pressure at approximately 4.5 bar.
  • Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX Zone 1).

As the AirPack can be easily relocated and therefore positioned in a safe zone which is in close proximity to working area, the user need only wear a lightweight harness, such as Draeger’s PAS Colt, during operation. This allows the wearer a greater freedom of movement, and less stress and fatigue than they would be subjected to if wearing a conventional self contained breathing apparatus unit.

The trolley hose reel connector is protected with a cover to minimise inadvertent damage being caused. The hose reel is equipped with a winding handle to allow the hose to be easily rewound onto the reel after use. Outgoing hose distribution is also controlled with a braking system in order to prevent unnecessary unwinding and potential entanglement.

The PAS AirPack 2 benefits from the world renowned, tried and tested, pneumatics system used on Draeger’s successful PSS range of compressed air breathing apparatus. The system incorporates a safety pressure relief valve and the pressure reducer is shrouded in a protective plate for additional safety.

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