Dräger PSS BG4 BA Device w/ Connecting Thread

Dräger PSS BG4 BA Device w/ Connecting Thread

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Dräger PSS BG4 Breathing Apparatus w/ Connecting Thread

Dräger PSS BG4 BA Device w/ Connecting Thread

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Dräger PSS BG4 Breathing Device w/ Connecting Thread

Providing up to four hours of clean breathing air, this Dräger PSS BG4 Breathing Apparatus can facilitate the safe working of a user in a potentially toxic atmosphere.

Perfect for long-term use, this breathing device can be used in situations where the user is required to enter environments with toxic pollutants – such as rescue or work missions in mines, tunnels or underground ducts.

Its positive pressure function will reliably prevent any ingress of contaminants into your breathing circuit, ensuring your safe journey through a hazardous environment. This device also contains a cooler that can be filled with ice to provide cool breathing air for the user.

Key Features

  • Supplies up to four hours of safe breathing air.
  • Ergonomic carrying frame and low weight design.
  • Comfortable fit for long wear.
  • Dust filter included in CO2 absorber.
  • Conformance: EN 145 with CE mark.
  • Please note that the full face mask, oxygen cylinder and necessary CO2 absorber are not included.
  • Set includes: Bodyguard II, the electronic pressure indicator, test and warning module for 200 bar cylinder pressure.

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Mask bodyEPDM
Harness5-point harness with a large contact surface area at the back of
the head, alternatively a hairnet
Mask-helmet combination2-point connection for Dräger HPS 7000 either with Dräger Qfix (with safety button) or with Dräger S-fix (without safety button)
SizeMask body in 3 sizes (S, M and L) compatible with inner mask in
3 different sizes
ConnectorP, RA, ESA, PE
Weightapprox. 600 g (varies according to version)
ApprovalEN 136 Class. 3, EN 137 type 2,
DIN 58610 (MHK),
NIOSH (some versions)

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