Oldham BM25 Area Monitor CH4, O2, H2S,CO Non Pumped

Oldham BM25 Area Monitor CH4, O2, H2S,CO Non Pumped

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BM25 Area Monitor CH4, O2, H2S,CO Non Pumped

Capable of monitoring from one to five gases through diffusion or sample draw, the BM25 packs the benefits of a fixed-system area monitor into an easily transportable, yet rugged instrument.

Designed for team protection or area surveillance, the unit is most suitable for perimeter monitoring, rig overhauls, and mobile or short-term work in areas where fixed detection systems are not suitable.

There are 17 interchangeable “smart” sensor options available for the BM25, making the system easily adaptable to a variety of applications and industries. When the BM25 detects a hazardous level of oxygen, toxic or combustible gas, the top-mounted beacon sends a flashing, bright signal in all directions while emitting a powerful, 103 dB siren alarm.

The BM25 can be used as a stand-alone monitor or wired so that alarm signals transfer from one unit to another. This setup can create a safety perimeter around a detected atmospheric hazard, or transmit a manually initiated emergency signal over a wide area.

The BM25 comes standard with a high capacity nickelmetal-hydride battery pack offering up to 170 hours of continuous runtime. Long-term area monitoring is possible in hazardous locations with an intrinsically safe trickle charge power supply. Also standard are STEL and TWA readings and nearly four months of datalogging capacity for a five-gas configuration.

Key Features

  • 1 to 5 gases.
  • Interchangeable “smart” sensors.
  • Runtime greater than 100 hours.
  • Dry contact alarm and fault outputs.
  • Standard data-logging.
  • Ultra-bright flashing beacon.
  • Powerful audible alarm (103 dB @ 1m).
  • Manual panic alarm.
  • Wired interconnection with other BM25 units.
  • ATEX certified.
  • Intrinsically safe charging in hazardous locations.

Compatible Gas Types

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INSTRUMENT WARRANTYTwo-year warranty, excluding consumables (sensors, filters, etc.)
CASE MATERIALIP66 – Impact resistant polycarbonate
DIMENSIONS470 x 180 x 190 mm (16.7″ x 7.1″ x 7.5″)
WEIGHT6.8 kg (15 lbs)
DISPLAYGraphic liquid crystal display with backlight
SENSORSCombustible Gas – Catalytic Diffusion
Methane, Propane, Butane, Isobutane, LPG, Ethanol, Pentane – Infrared
Oxygen and Toxic Gases – Electrochemical
CO2 – Infrared
Isobutylene – PID
30 devices per network
16 independent networks
Communication distance : 0.6 mile line of sight
DATALOGGING CAPACITY200,000 measurements
AUDIBLE ALARM103 dB @ 1 meter
VISUAL ALARMUltrabright LED beacon visible 360 degrees
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F) sensor dependent
OPERATING HUMIDITY RANGE1% to 99% RH sensor dependent
POWER SOURCE (RUN TIME)NiMH (up to 170 hours operating time, 135 hours in wireless mode)
RECHARGE TIME4.5 hours, typical
BM 25 (standard version)
Without IR sensor: II 1G / I M1
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga / Ex ia I Ma
With IR sensor: II 2G / I M2
Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb / Ex ia d I Mb
BM 25 W (wireless version)
Without IR sensor II 1G / I M1
Ex ia IIB T4 Ga / Ex ia I Ma
II 2G / I M2
Ex ia IIC T4 Gb / Ex ia I Mb
With IR sensor II 2G / I M2
Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb / Ex ia d I Mb
IECEx INE 06.0002
BM 25 (standard version)
Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D ; Ex ia d IIC T4
BM 25 (standard version)
Class I, Division 1, Groups C,D ; Ex ia d IIB T4 – PENDING
C22.2 No.152 (% LEL only)
BM 25A with pump or PID sensor or with infrared sensor for combustible
gases detection is not CSA certified

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