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Dräger PAC 8000 Gas Detector

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The Dräger PAC 8000 is a great choice for individuals who require unwavering safety in tough environments. This non-disposable, single-gas monitor boasts exceptional reliability and precision, singularly detecting hazardous concentrations of a diverse range of gases, including carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Reliable Performance, Even in Harsh Conditions

The PAC 8000’s robust construction ensures resilience against wear and tear, making it the perfect portable gas detector for working in Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas, Drainage, and Chemical Facilities.

A Multitude of Benefits at Your Fingertips

This portable gas detector offers a host of features that elevate safety to new heights:

Intuitive Design: The PAC provides effortless operation thanks to clear user guidance and a large user-friendly display.

360° Alarm Coverage: Stay alert to potential hazards with an effective alarm system that encompasses audible, visual, and vibrating notifications.

One-Hand Operation: Quick and effortless operation, enabling swift responses to incidents.

Data Logger for Comprehensive Analysis: Gain valuable insights into the working environment with historical gas readings and environmental conditions through the built-in data and event logger.

Economical Excellence, Environmental Friendliness

The Dräger PAC 8000 also stands out from the crowd because of its economical operational costs and environmental friendliness. Its fast-running function test saves time, while the design and manufacturing process of its advanced gas sensors ensures minimal environmental impact.

IP68 Rating: Unwavering Protection

The Dräger PAC 8000 has been extensively tested to an IP68 rating ensuring it can withstand the rigors of challenging environments.

Compatible Gas Types for Diverse Applications

This versatile gas detector detects a broad spectrum of hazardous gases, including:

  • NO: Nitrogen Oxide
  • CO2: Carbon Dioxide
  • CL2: Chlorine
  • HCN: Hydrogen Cyanide
  • NH3: Ammonia
  • PH3: Phosphine
  • OV: Organic Vapor
  • OV-A: Organic Vapor-A
  • NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide
  • O3: Ozone
  • Phasg: Phosgene

The Dräger PAC 8000 is a great choice for portable gas detection, and in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Call our team today at 02920 759 683 for further information, technical help and advice. 


Dimensions (without clip) (W x H x D)64 x 84 x 20 mm
WeightApprox. 106 g (113 g with clip)
Battery service life2 years
Degree of protectionIP68
Air pressure700 to 1,300 hPa
Air humidity10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Temperature-30 °C to +55 °C
(briefly down to -40 °C for 1 hr, depending on sensor)
ApprovalscCSAus, IECEx, ATEX, CE

Sensor Ranges

Gas MonitorMeasuring rangeAlarm thresholds – A1/A2
CO20 – 5 Vol.%0.5 / 1 Vol.%
Cl20 – 20 ppm0.5 / 1 ppm
HCN0 – 50 ppm1.9 / 3.8 ppm
NH30 – 300 ppm20 / 40 ppm
PH30 – 20 ppm0.1 / 0.2 ppm
OV0 – 200 ppm10 / 20 ppm
OV-A0 – 200 ppm10 / 20 ppm
NO20 – 50 ppm5 / 10 ppm
O30 – 10 ppm0.1 / 0.2 ppm
COCl20 – 10 ppm0.1 / 0.2 ppm



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Product: Dräger PAC 8000 Gas Detector