Single Gas Clip Plus

Single Gas Clip Plus

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Single Gas Clip Plus

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Single Gas Clip Plus Detector

Part# SGC-P-H / SGC-P-C

Longer Life with “Hibernate” mode.

The Single Gas Clip Plus (SGC Plus) is a maintenance-free, handheld gas detector that comes in two models—SGC Plus H2S (for detecting hydrogen sulfide) and SGC Plus CO (for detecting carbon monoxide). Both versions include a “hibernate” mode that allows users to place this disposable single gas detector in a rested state when not in use. The SGC Plus is perfect for seasonal/turnaround contractors or rental fleets. When your job or turnaround is finished, simply synchronize the instrument with our GCT IR Link or SGC Dock to put the detector in a rested state. When you are ready to use the detector again, simply press the power button to reactivate.

Use it when you need it.

By hibernating the detector when not needed, you can spread 2 years of use over a 3 year period. This mode can only be enabled via IR communication with either the IR Link or SGC Dock. Only authorized personnel can place the detectors in “hibernate” mode.

Rugged and configurable.

The SGC Plus also provides the most advanced maintenance-free disposable single gas detector on the market. The SGC Plus combines a rugged design with reliability and advanced sensor resolution (0.1 ppm for H2S models). This detector allows for quick configuration adjustments to comply with current and future industrial health and safety gas exposure regulations.


Unmatched sensor reliability for hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) or carbon monoxide (CO)
“Hibernate” mode
Adjustable alarm set points
Real-time gas reading capability
0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display
Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests, detector configuration and firmware updates
Programmable unique 6 digit detector identification
Bump Test notification and confirmation when intervals are set
Calibration optional
Calibration notification and confirmation when intervals are set
Docking capability with Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock
Be sure to compare these features to our Multi Gas Clip and Single Gas Clip to find the right product for your current application.

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