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Crowcon Detective LEL, O2, H2S, CO (H2 filtered) Diffusion

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Crowcon Detective+

The Detective+ portable area monitor builds on the reputation, dependability, and adaptability of its predecessors, the immensely popular Triple Plus+ and Detective models. The Crowcon Detective+ has a strong, fixed or folding leg protection frame that is incredibly durable. Inter-Detective+ units can communicate loud and clear alarms, and an optional built-in pump enables faster gas reaction and improved sensor protection.

Detective+ can now be equipped with infra-red sensor technology. This provides either CO2 detection or allows higher flammable gas level monitoring. It provides immunity to the poisoning effects that standard flammable gas sensors can suffer from.

The battery capacity now comes in two options: 36 hours or 60 hours, with standard configuration, giving remote sites more time between charges. When these characteristics are combined with the variety of hazardous gas sensors that are offered, Detective+ becomes one of the most adaptable area monitors on the market.

There can be no mistaking 55,000 Detective and TriplePlus+ gas detection users.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 gases are monitored in a rugged and sturdy protective frame
  • Ultra-loud 104 dBA sounder and red LED cluster alarms
  • Wide range of sensor options including infra-red
  • Long 36 or 60-hour battery life
  • Raised detectors, coupled with IP65 specification provide excellent sensor protection
  • Built-in pump option to provide faster gas response
  • 12 Detective+ units may be linked together, up to 100m from adjacent units

Compatible Gas Types

LEL: FlammableCO: Carbon Monoxide
O2: OxygenH2S: Hydrogen Sulphide

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Size640 x 455 x 455mm (25.2 x 17.9 x 17.9ins)
Weight7.5kg (19lbs)
Visible alarmsThree large, top mounted red LED clusters and a single red LED on control panel.
Alarm mode: LED clusters flash in quick succession. LED clusters of linked Detectives repeating the alarm, flash
slower than LED lights on those Detectives sensing the hazard
Normal working: Slow flashing green LED
Battery low: Rapid flashing green LED
Audible alarmsWailing, omni-direction siren, 104 dBA at 1m
DisplayHigh contrast LCD with back light. Values and units for up to 4 gases displayed simultaneously at current, TWA or
peak levels, low battery, real time and elapsed time calibration and configuration data also displayed
BatteryStandard 6V, 7.2Ah, sealed lead acid battery pack
Optional 6V, 12Ah high capacity pack
Battery lifeUp to 36 hours with flammable/ CO2 sensor fitted with 7.2Ah battery
Up to 60 hours with optional 12Ah battery pack
Typical response timesMethane 20s, oxygen 10s, typical toxic gas 20s, IR 20s
Expected sensor lifeFlammable 5 years, toxic 3 years, oxygen 2 years minimum, IR>5 years
Operating temperature range-20OC to +50OC (-4OF to 122OF)
Humidity0-95% RH non-condensing
ApprovalsEurope: ATEX II 2G EEx ib d IIC T4
International: IECEx EEx ib d IIC T4
StandardsEN50014, EN50018, EN50020, EN50104, EN45544, IEC60079-0/-1 IEC60079-11
Ingress protectionIP65
EMCEN 50270, FCC CFR47 Part 15
PC interfaceVia RS232 lead. Portables PC software can be used to set alarms, clock, datalogging interval and password,
manages datalogging giving graphical display of instrument log file and allows to export to spreadsheet
CalibrationQuick calibration using internal menu command, Portables PC or the Crowcon CheckBox IMH management system
AccessoriesBaffle plate, interconnecting leads, RS232 communications lead
SamplingInternal electric sampling pump option, manual aspiration
Linked DetectivesUp to 12 units can be linked to provide perimeter or area monitoring

Sensor Ranges

GasRangeTypical Alarm
Flammable gas0-100 LEL20% LEL
Oxygen (O2)0-25%19% & 23%
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)0-50ppm10ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO)0-500ppm35ppm
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)0-10ppm2ppm
Chlorine (Cl2)0-5ppm0.5ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)0-10ppm2ppm
Phosphine (PH3)0-5ppm0.5ppm
Ammonia (HN3)0-50ppm25ppm
Ammonia (NH3)0-1000ppmn/a
Hydrogen (non-flammable levels)0-2000ppmn/a
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)0-25ppm10ppm
Hydrogen chloride (HCl)*/+0-10ppm5ppm
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)+0-1ppm0.1ppm
Hydrogen fluoride (HF)+0-10ppm1ppm
Ethylene oxide (C2H4O)*0-10ppm5ppm
Volatile organic*/+0-100ppmn/a
Flammable gas0-100% LEL20% LEL
Flammable gas0-100% v/vNone
Carbon dioxide (CO2)0 to 5% v/v0.5 and 1.5% v/v


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Product: Crowcon Detective LEL, O2, H2S, CO (H2 filtered) Diffusion