Case Study: Rockall Enhance Laboratory Safety at UK Aviation Company

Rockall Enhance Laboratory Safety at UK Aviation Company


Rockall Safety, a leading provider of gas detection solutions, has improved laboratory safety for a company developing the world’s first, hydrogen powered engine for commercial aviation. The company aims to have a 9–19-seater aircraft capable of flying 300 miles by the end of 2025 and a 40-80-seater aircraft capable of 700 miles by 2027.

The safety system Rockall installed uses Honeywell oxygen depletion sensors, OLTC-Hydrogen detectors and flame detectors. These are controlled by the SIL1-Certified Teledyne MX43 control panel, which is fully scalable, and designed to safety level 1 standards.

Real-Time Monitoring

Additionally, in January 2024, Rockall Safety also installed and connected an SMS Cloud Interface. This helped improve both real-time monitoring and system alerts. In the following month, shut-off valves were fitted into the external gas supply system, connecting them to the existing room control panel.

These were an ideal upgrade to the company’s laboratory safety needs as they allowed for the emergency shut-off of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Within the same month, Rockall Safety also took over the servicing contract.

The gas detection system can now rapidly pinpoint Nitrogen and Hydrogen leaks and detect flames throughout the entire facility.

The SMS service promptly sends alerts to lab users, enabling swift action even when they are not on-site. This feature is vital during unmanned test processes that run 24/7. It also provides instant access to critical data and can issue a resolution without delay.


‘‘The company is very responsive – usually I get quick replies on my requests/mails. Operational team stays on site as longer as needed until the work is done – I appreciate this behaviour.’’

Spokesperson at UK Aviation company

Rockall Safety’s gas detection solutions have greatly enhanced safety by providing real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and an enhanced emergency response. Overall, Rockall Safety remains a reliable partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of laboratory safety operations.

Download the case study here: Rockall Enhance Laboratory Safety at UK Aviation Company


Written by Rhys Redrup


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