Breathing Apparatus

Take a look through our safety advice on how to best keep your workers safe using Breathing Apparatus below. The correct BA equipment can protect your users when operating in a hazardous environment, ensuring that they have a safe supply of air for a set amount of time.

Situations where workers may be required to use a breathing apparatus set include firefighting, rescue operations, mining and chemical plant work. Ensure you have the right equipment for the task at hand by checking out our blog posts.

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Controlling DEEE in the workplace

Posted by Emma Curthoys

What does DEEE stand for? Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions, often abbreviated as DEEE, represent the cocktail of harmful pollutants released by diesel engines during the combustion process. It refers to the mix of harmful gases, liquids and particles that come out of a diesel engine when it burns fuel. This includes soot, smoke, and various…


Emergency Escape Kits: CF15 vs PP15

Posted by Emma Curthoys

Dräger Saver CF15 The Dräger Saver CF15 is an emergency escape breathing kit, designed for swift evacuation from hazardous environments. The CF15 provides 15 minutes of clean breathable air, allowing you to escape calmly and safely. This easy-to-use device is ideal for use with minimal training. Encased in a bright orange, fire-resistant soft bag, the…


SCBA: Choosing the best lifesaving equipment for your team

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Firstly, a SCBA set is a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus that provides the wearer with air whilst they carry out work in environments that may contain contaminated air or low oxygen levels. SCBA sets can be used across a variety of industries including (but not limited to) – Firefighting – Enabling firefighters to enter burning buildings…


Face Piece RPE Guide: The Different FFP Ratings

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Face Piece RPE: The need for advanced forms of RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) has drastically increased. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, masks and face coverings have become essential everywhere you go; but which one do you buy? In this guide, we’ve broken down the different FFP ratings, which stand for ‘Filtering Face Piece’, whereas the number denotes…