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Confined Spaces: Know Before Entry – 10 Gases To Be Aware Of

Posted by Emma Curthoys

  Being aware Confined spaces are often a hidden necessity in various industries. From technicians to construction workers, these environments play a vital role in keeping our infrastructure operational. However, lurking beneath the surface of these seemingly mundane spaces lies a multitude of safety hazards that can quickly turn deadly. One of the most significant…


Detecting benzene with the UltraRAE 3000

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Honeywell RAE Systems – UltraRAE 3000 The Honeywell UltraRAE 3000 is a cutting-edge Compound-Specific Monitor. It boasts a Photoionisation Detector (PID) with an extensive range suitable for various applications, from refinery maintenance to hazardous material response. It offers dual detection modes for assessing total benzene exposure and boasts high sensitivity to benzene with a detection…


Gas Hazards in Cement Production

Posted by Rhys Redrup

For centuries, cement has played a crucial role in shaping our cities, with its impact evident in every corner. The world requires over 4 billion tons of this material annually. The demand for it continues to increase. Cement comes from readily available materials and its manufacturing cost is fairly low. Creating things can be risky…


Emergency Escape Kits: CF15 vs PP15

Posted by Emma Curthoys

Dräger Saver CF15 The Dräger Saver CF15 is an emergency escape breathing kit, designed for swift evacuation from hazardous environments. The CF15 provides 15 minutes of clean breathable air, allowing you to escape calmly and safely. This easy-to-use device is ideal for use with minimal training. Encased in a bright orange, fire-resistant soft bag, the…