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About Fixed Gas Detection, HSE EH40 and Chlorine Gas

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Fixed Gas Detection and Chlorine Gas. The HSE EH40 is a guidance note published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the United Kingdom. It provides information on the control of exposure to hazardous substances at work. The note includes a list of Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) for over 500 substances. WELs are the…


Reasons why your fixed gas detector can fail (when you need it most)

Posted by Rhys Redrup

A faulty fixed gas detector can be fatal in the workplace. The following are 8 main factors which can make your detector fail to work properly: Environmental Physical factors like dirt, dust, and water have an adverse effect on a detector. They can block gases and vapours from entering the sensor chamber, which prevents the…


Why is Gas Detection Crucial in Confined Space Entry Work?

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Figures from the UK’s Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) state that as many as fifteen people are killed each year whilst working within a confined space. Anyone who is required to enter these spaces as part of their job is exposed to a unique set of life-critical health and safety risk factors –…


Crowcon T4 Portable Gas Detector Overview

Posted by Rhys Redrup

The T4 Personal multi-gas Monitor by Crowcon provides complete user confidence and maintains full industry compliance. Its clever integration of innovative safety features, rugged design, and intuitive usability ensures fast simple operation – even in the toughest of working conditions. This easy-to-use portable multi-gas detector provides continuous protection against the four most common gas hazards:…