Casestudy: ADFuels

Posted by Rhys Redrup

A bit of background AD Fuels (Anaerobic Digestion Fuels), was founded in 2018 by a group of transportation professionals with expertise in high-risk hazardous materials and waste recycling sectors, including landfill gases. They have quickly made a positive name for themselves within the industry. Operating as a nimble and customer-centric company, AD Fuels has earned…


Fixed Gas Monitor Installation with Rockall Safety

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Why Rockall Safety’s Fixed Gas Monitor Systems should be an essential part of Your Workplace. At Rockall Safety, we understand the critical role safety plays in your business. For this reason, we offer industry-leading fixed gas detection systems, designed to constantly monitor, and protect your employees. 24/7 gas monitoring: Unlike portable detectors, fixed gas detection…


Installation of Fixed Gas Detection Explained

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Survey We’ll visit your premises and thoroughly examine critical workplace areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of your day-to-day operational processes, and the potential risks they pose to your staff and premises. Design Our surveyors will be asking vital questions and inspect each process in detail to fully assess potential risks and begin planning the…


Gas Detector Calibration: Do’s & Don’ts

Posted by Rhys Redrup

Gas Detector Calibration is a vital practice to ensure your safety equipment is in working order while out on-site, sourcing the right calibration specialist can make a huge difference. In regards to gas detection, the user needs to be made aware of the presence of hazardous gases in the vicinity; incorrect readings (or non at…