Case Study: ADFuels

A bit of background

AD FuelsAD Fuels (Anaerobic Digestion Fuels), was founded in 2018 by a group of transportation professionals with expertise in high-risk hazardous materials and waste recycling sectors, including landfill gases. They have quickly made a positive name for themselves within the industry. Operating as a nimble and customer-centric company, AD Fuels has earned a solid reputation for its swift and adaptable approach. Their extensive industry know-how combined with outstanding customer service, has enabled them to build strong and enduring partnerships with their clients.

The problem

Since its establishment in 2018, AD Fuels has been at the forefront of the dangerous goods industry. However, their reliance on standard gas monitors and a cumbersome phone call Lone Worker process was hindering their progress. The efficiency of these processes meant that there was added stress on both staff and management.

Then they stumbled upon Rockall Safety…

The solution

It all began when AD Fuels’ Managing Director, Jon Mayes, came across a captivating LinkedIn post by Rockall Safety. Intrigued, he arranged a face-to-face demonstration of their gas monitors. Impressed by the capabilities of Rockall’s products, AD Fuels wasted no time in forging a partnership.

The benefits and peace of mind that Rockall Safety provided to AD Fuels’ management were unparalleled. Jon Mayes explained “Having employees working in a high-risk zone is always concerning, the Rockall monitors give me and my teams the support of knowing we were looking after the safety of all employees. Knowing that we were always able to connect with staff when they were alone, or they had the ability to hit a panic button put both management and employees alike at ease. The on-screen software looking at the movement of all monitors, and the colour changing icons, give a great visual on the office wall and makes the transport operations constantly aware of the movement of their staff out in the field”.

Collaborating closely with AD Fuels, Rockall tailored their expertise and equipment to perfectly suit the needs of the company and its staff. They considered crucial features like fall detection, two-way voice and text messaging, assisted GPS, and SOS alerts, among others. It was a match made in heaven, and the Blackline G7 portable gas monitors emerged as the perfect fit for AD Fuels.

Months of successful utilization of Rockall Safety’s product have only reinforced AD Fuels’ satisfaction. They have nothing but positive feedback for the gas monitors that Rockall Safety paired them with. This collaboration has truly revolutionized AD Fuels’ operations, ensuring the safety of their employees and streamlining their processes. It serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of both AD Fuels and Rockall Safety to prioritize safety and innovation in the dangerous goods industry.

Rockall Safety has been serving a range of industries since 1995 and has garnered an abundance of specialised knowledge and expertise. To see what Rockall Safety can do for you and your team, and to see the service excellence first-hand, get in contact today at 029 2075 9683.

Written by Emma Curthoys


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