CO2 in the cellar: Fixed Gas detection in pubs

Are you aware of how vital it is to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels?

Analox AX60 fixed gas control panel

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that is essential for creating the fizziness in carbonated drinks. This process, known as carbonation, involves dissolving CO2 gas into a liquid under pressure. When you release the pressure inside the bottle or can, such as by opening it, the gas starts to escape, creating bubbles that provide the drink with its fizzy sensation.

In the context of serving these drinks, establishments like pubs and bars often have to store significant amounts of Carbon dioxide. They usually keep large cylinders of the gas in their cellars to supply the carbonation for their beverages on tap. While this is a standard practice, it’s important to handle and store cylinders properly.

The reason for caution is the potential safety risks associated with Carbon dioxide. If there were to be a leak in one of these large cylinders, it could pose safety concerns.


The dangers of CO2


While carbon dioxide does exist naturally in the air, its level remains at around 0.04. Just a slight increase in this level could cause several side effects that can be harmful to humans, particularly in confined spaces, such as cellars.

In high concentrations, Carbon dioxide can displace oxygen in the air, which could lead to breathing difficulties for individuals exposed to the gas leak. Therefore, it’s crucial for establishments to regularly check their storage systems and ensure they are in good working order to prevent any potential leaks and ensure the safety of both employees and patrons.


Symptoms of CO2 exposure

Analox AX60 Alarm


  • Low level (1-3% increase) – Drowsiness, heart rate and blood pressure changes, reduced hearing, mild narcosis.
  • High level (5-8% increase) – dizziness, confusion, headache, shortness of breath, dimmed sight, unconsciousness, sweating, and tremors.
  • Extremely high (8%+ increase) – life-threatening injury, fatality.


The solution


Analox AX60 sensor

Because it is colourless and odourless, it is nearly impossible to detect carbon dioxide without a detection system in place. Systems such as the ANALOX AX60+ are effective in monitoring confined spaces to keep you and your staff safe.

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Written by Emma Curthoys

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