Crowcon T4 Portable Gas Detector Overview

Crowcon T4 Multi-gas DetectorThe T4 Personal multi-gas Monitor by Crowcon provides complete user confidence and maintains full industry compliance. Its clever integration of innovative safety features, rugged design, and intuitive usability ensures fast simple operation – even in the toughest of working conditions.

This easy-to-use portable multi-gas detector provides continuous protection against the four most common gas hazards:

  • Flammable Gases (CH4)
  • Oxygen (O2) Depletion
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)


“The T4 provides complete confidence to customers who require continuous protection against the four most common gas hazards”


T4 multi-gas features:

TWA Resume Function
The TWA Resume Function is a unique feature to this model and ensures toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire shift, even if the T4 is switched off during a break, or whilst travelling between different sites.

18-hour Battery Life
Safely work longer, or even over multiple shifts between charges.

Backlit Display
The large backlit display includes a 180-degree flip option for easy viewing.

Rugged Design
Water & Dust resistant to IP65 & IP67 standards, with a thick anti-shock rubber casing (drop tested 4m onto concrete), the T4 gas detector will continue to operate under the most demanding circumstances.

Dedicated Sensors
Individual sensors for each gas provide more reliable and effective detection when compared to other multi-gas detectors.

Positive Safety Indicators
An easy-to-follow traffic light display quickly provides a visual (green or red) assurance of operational status for both users and supervisors.

Intrinsically Safe
The T4 is ATEX Approved and UL Class 1, Div 1 for safe operation within a wide range of hazardous environments.

Multiple Alarms
95dB audible alarm, bright red/blue LED’s and vibrating alerts provide effective warning to the user and any colleagues within close range.

Easy operation
The T4’s large single-button operation and intuitive menu system reduce training times and ensure safe use even whilst wearing gloves.

T4 multi-gas monitor application


The Crowcon T4 Gas monitor is ideally suited for utility companies looking for a large fleet of devices with a data capacity that can guarantee complete compliance for their workforce.


The most common prevalent gasses are quickly detected by the ruggedly designed T4; its durable, shock-proof casing and its range of peripherals (such as the ten-way charger), make this multi-gas detector a popular choice.

Steel Plants

The T4 gas detector can be supplied with a hydrogen immune CO sensor which is a perfect fit for steel plant applications where parts of the process involve Hydrogen, and a regular CO sensor would be unsuitable.

T4 Accessories & Peripherals

Calibration-plateBump/Calibration plate – T4-CAL-CAP
Used for applying test gas to T4.

T4 external-filter-plateExternal filter plate – T4-EXT-F
Protects the sensors from contamination – this Clip-on filter can be used for additional protection in dusty environments.

i-test-for-t4I-Test – IT-T4-11Z-ZB-X
An easy solution for automated bump testing and calibration.

t4-cradle-chargerCradle charger – T4-CRD
A docking station for easy charging that includes a multi-region power supply.

t4-10-way-charger10-way charger – T4-TWC
A docking station that can charge and store up to ten units using only a single power outlet. Please note: This item is not available for UL-certified products.

usb-lead-for-t4-gas-detectorT4 USB communications cable – CH0103
Enables you to connect your PC or MAC to the T4


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