Detecting Carbon Monoxide

Detecting Carbon Monoxide


Detecting Carbon Monoxide
Formula: CO
CAS Number: 630-08-0

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)? Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas. It is produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels such as gasoline, natural gas, propane, coal, or wood. CO is highly toxic and can be fatal if inhaled in high concentrations. 200 ppm or greater will cause physical symptoms and is fatal in hours.

Health Effects of Carbon Monoxide:
CO binds to hemoglobin in the blood, reducing its ability to carry oxygen to body tissues and organs. Symptoms of CO poisoning include:

• headache
• dizziness
• nausea
• weakness
• chest pain
• unconsciousness
• death

Vulnerable populations such as infants, the elderly, and individuals with heart or respiratory conditions are particularly susceptible to CO poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide within Industrial Settings
A major origin of carbon monoxide (CO) within industrial settings arises from the burning of fossil fuels in boilers, furnaces, and power plants. These systems are frequently utilised by industries to generate heat, steam, or electricity. When fuel combustion is inadequate or there is a deficiency in oxygen supply, carbon monoxide may be generated as a byproduct. Industrial activities involving the burning of biomass, such as wood or agricultural residues, can also emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
This toxic gas presents serious health hazards to both humans and animals. Upon inhalation, it binds to hemoglobin in the bloodstream at a rate 220% faster than oxygen, diminishing the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen to essential organs and tissues. Consequently, this can result in oxygen deprivation, tissue harm, and potentially fatal outcomes.

At Rockall Safety, you can choose from a variety of Carbon Monoxide gas detectors from top brands such as BW, Drager, Crowcon and MSA. We offer portable gas detection that you can rely on. For more information, click here: Carbon Monoxide Detectors | Shop By Gas Type | Rockall Safety


What we recommend

We sell many gas detectors that are capable of detecting carbon monoxide. We have pulled out 3 we recommend:

Crowcon T4 Portable Gas Detector | Crowcon Tetra 4
With its single button operation and intuitive menu system, the T4 ensures easy use even when wearing gloves. This product requires minimal training for use. It is the toughest portable gas monitor from Crowcon to date, designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The integrated rubber boot adds to its durability, making it a reliable companion.

The Crowcon T4 has undergone rigorous testing, including drop tests from a height of 4m. This product is certified with IP65 and IP67 ratings for protection against water ingress. This means it can be used without interruption in demanding environments. With a range of 0-1000 ppm and a resolution of 1ppm, this instrument is perfect for detecting carbon monoxide. For more information, click here: Crowcon T4 Portable gas detector | CO, H2S, LELs and Oxygen (

Youtube link: Crowcon T4 Multi Gas Detector (


Honeywell BW Flex 4 Portable Gas Detector
The Honeywell BW Flex 4 is a portable multi-gas detector that offers a high level of flexibility and reliability for use in a wide range of hazardous environments. It can be configured to detect up to four different gases simultaneously, and it features several advanced features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications. This product is ideal for detecting carbon monoxide. For more information, click here: The Honeywell BW Flex 4 portable gas detector | Rockall safety


Drager X-am 5000 Gas Detector
The Dräger X-am 5000 is the ideal personal gas monitoring solution and can be used across a wide range of industrial environments, including areas where atmospheres are potentially explosive. This versatile gas monitor features both an O2 oxygen and a combustible gas Ex Sensor.

Worn by an individual to detect hazardous gases in their immediate surroundings, the X-am 5000 is a versatile instrument that can be used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. For more information, click here: Drager X-am 5000 Gas Detector | Simultaniously monitor up to five gases (




For more information on carbon monoxide, download the fact sheet here: Carbon Monoxide


Written by Rhys Redrup

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