Difference Between Gas Detectors & Gas Analysers

Detecting and analyzing the gas content in an area is a vital aspect of confined space working, but knowing which device you require is important for ensuring the safety of your workers.

Here at Rockall, we have a variety of both gas detection devices and gas analysers available for a range of different situations.

The simple distinction between the two devices is that a gas detector is used to alert a user when the level of a certain gas is too high in a confined space, while a gas analyser is used to provide accurate readings of the immediate atmosphere. However, each type of device has its own features and benefits that are more suited for different applications. Take a look through our guide to each device to decide which is the right choice for you.

Gas Detectors

A gas detector is designed to locate traces of a selected gas in the atmosphere and alert the user to its BW Clip Gas Detector presence. It uses a limited number of exposed sensors to directly detect the levels in the atmosphere and will emit an audible and visual alarm should the level of that particular gas rise above a certain amount.

A gas detector is a must-have component of any confined space gear, as it ensures the atmosphere is safe for your workers at all times. For most of these applications, it is enough for a worker to be aware if the level is too high without needing to know the precise content level, however many monitors will display a reading. The use of a gas detector will alert the Crowcon Gasman Gas Detectoruser to an immediate risk and allow them to vacate the area quickly, without the requirement of an analysis.

Gas detectors provide fast and reliable results, and often use a simple one-button operation that is easy for workers to navigate. Small, portable devices are easily attached within the worker’s breathing area, which ensures that their immediate vicinity is safe.

A variety of gas monitors are available to suit the task at hand, allowing the user to test for explosive atmospheres, oxygen deficiency and a range of toxic gases. Multi gas detectors allow for a variety of gases to be tested using one device, eliminating the need for multiple monitors to be present.

Gas Analysers

A gas analyser is designed to asses the gas levels in the immediate vicinity and break down the data in a TPI Flue Gas Analysercomprehensive format. They are used to measure flue gases by being placed in an appliance exhaust and detecting levels of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, as well as flue gas temperatures. They are also used to measure room air, which can help the user to detect why a CO alarm is being triggered.

Gas analysers have sensors inside as well as a pneumatic system that can discharge or retrieve the gas. The data from these devices is then broken down into an easy to read format which can be analysed by a specialist who can determine the safety of an area.

TPI Flue Gas AnalyserThese devices are designed for use in areas where CO may be present, allowing the user to check that an area is safe. Carbon Monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas, which is why using a gas analyser is important to ensure the safety of your workers.

By taking note of the differences between the difference devices available, you can make an informed decision on what gas instrument is right for your workers.

Take a look at our full selection of gas detectors and gas analysers to find the right equipment for you.

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Posted by Laura Dronfield

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