Emergency Escape Kits: CF15 vs PP15

Dräger Saver CF15

The Dräger Saver CF15 is an emergency escape breathing kit, designed for swift evacuation from hazardous environments. The CF15 provides 15 minutes of clean breathable air, allowing you to escape calmly and safely. This easy-to-use device is ideal for use with minimal training. Encased in a bright orange, fire-resistant soft bag, the CF15 is lightweight and portable. Donning it is straightforward; simply open the bag, and the hood automatically activates, delivering a constant air supply.

Drager CF15 Escape KitThe hood itself is designed for universal wear, accommodating glasses and facial hair. A pressure gauge, visible through a window on the bag, lets you monitor the air supply. An alarm whistle sounds before the air runs out, giving you ample warning to reach an exit.

The CF15 is low maintenance and requires minimal training, making it suitable for various workplaces. Common applications include:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Confined spaces
  • Areas with potential chemical hazards

While not a replacement for a full breathing kit, the CF15 offers itself as a vital tool for escaping immediate danger.

This product is also available in a 10-minute option.


Drager Saver PP15

Much like the CF15, the Dräger Saver PP15 is your lifeline in an escape situation. This self-contained positive pressure escape set provides 15 minutes of clean, breathable air, allowing you to navigate smoke, toxic fumes, or oxygen-deficient environments.

Unlike the CF15 hoods, the PP15 utilizes a full-face mask, the Panorama Nova, for a secure andDrager Saver PP15 Emergency Escape Kit comfortable fit. This design ensures no contaminated air leaks in, even during strenuous activity. The mask features a wide field of view and a self-demisting visor for optimal clarity when you need it most.

Activation is automatic. Simply don the mask and the compressed air cylinder kicks in, delivering a consistent airflow throughout the escape. The unit boasts low breathing resistance, making exertion easier. A pressure gauge allows you to monitor air supply, while an audible alarm sounds before depletion, giving you precious seconds to reach safety.

The PP15 is built for reliability. It requires no mandatory servicing for 10 years and resets easily after accidental activation. With its robust design and user-friendly operation, the Dräger Saver PP15 is the ideal companion while working in potentially hazardous environments.

This product is also available in a 10-minute option.


The main difference between the Dräger Saver CF15 and the Dräger Saver PP15 lies in the type of headwear used for breathing protection:

  • Dräger Saver CF15 (Constant Flow): This escape set utilizes an escape hood. It’s a lightweight and loose-fitting hood that covers the head and neck. This means that the CF15 does not need to fit tested. This design offers a wider field of vision but may not provide a perfect seal around the face, especially with facial hair or glasses.


  • Dräger Saver PP15 (Positive Pressure): This escape set uses a full-face mask called the Panorama Nova. This mask creates a positive pressure environment within, ensuring no contaminated air enters the wearer’s respiratory system. It offers a tighter fit and better peripheral vision compared to some escape hoods. Unlike the CF15, the PP15 does require a fit test.

Summary of key differences:

FeatureDräger Saver CF15Dräger Saver PP15
HeadwearEscape HoodFull Face Mask (Panorama Nova)
FitLooseTight, Positive Pressure
Suitability for Glasses/Facial HairMore Flexible. No need for fit testingLess Flexible. Needs to be fit-tested
Field of VisionWideWide

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Written by Emma Curthoys

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