Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor

Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitors Rockall Safety is now distributing Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitors across the United Kingdom. These highly effective detectors can continuously monitor levels of CO2 inside small to medium-sized offices, classrooms, and busy public areas, such as café’s, restaurants, Pubs and shopfloors.

These monitors will instantly inform the user of any rise in potential exposure regarding airborne transmissions, by monitoring the levels of CO2; the gas people exhale through breathing.

Water droplets in exhaled breathThe higher the levels of CO2, the higher the levels of risk of viral transmission.

These CO2 detectors can monitor risk levels using three in-built pre-sets:

Low activity
for classrooms, theatres, cinemas.
Medium activity for offices, restaurants, and small factories.
High activity for Gyms, indoor arenas, leisure centres and small, busy shopfloors.

The units make use of sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the-art sensor technology to accurately monitor risk levels whilst being able to infer variable information, such as the size of the room, how many people are present and their breathing rate.

The monitor will sound an alarm and display bright traffic-styled lights (yellow, red) to indicate higher than usual levels of CO2. A green light is displayed at normal levels.


Why use Air Monitors in education?


Busy ClassroomThe UK has been making every effort to get students back to face-to-face learning, whilst keeping both pupils and staff as safe as possible. With tight budgets to negotiate, educational facilities are opting for short-term and low-cost solutions such as air purifiers, filters and indoor air monitors.


Most classrooms are very busy environments with as many as 40 pupils placed within rooms considered small to medium in size – this makes the Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitors a perfect low-cost safety solution.


What makes a transmission risk air monitor suitable for a restaurant, busy Café, Pub, or small shop?

All have been hard hit by the pandemic, with lockdowns having an instant-overnight effect on trade and legislation regarding restrictions resulting in a much longer journey to being back at business as usual.

Busy CafeThe reason behind these hard restrictions was based on a commonality; in that, they are all very busy environments where a lot of people (almost continuously) share a relatively small space with people eating, laughing, browsing products, and at times talking loudly – meaning the risk of infection is very high.

A transmission risk air monitor would offer reassurance to staff and clients by continuously monitoring levels of risk, and would be a great help in managing a safe working environment.

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