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Honeywell Searchzone Sonik Fixed Gas Detector

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The new Honeywell Searchzone Sonik acoustic gas leak detector complements Honeywell’s established portfolio of gas detection devices, adding ultrasonic technology to a reliable mix of point and open-path gas detectors.


  • Provides gas leak detection in a wide range of working environments
  • Enables quick and easy installs
  • Cuts costs and saves time
  • Increases ease of use with advanced set-up and test tools.
  • Minimises the risks of false alarms
  • Maximises the safety and efficiency of your mix of fixed gas detectors

A robust and reliable gas-leak detection device, Searchzone Sonik will efficiently “hear” the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its listening zone. As it responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks, it is therefore unaffected by environmental conditions.

Searchzone Sonik is factory-set. Its robust sealed design with no moving parts and the advanced solid-state sensor allow for mounting in any orientation, even in the harshest environments. The acoustic gas leak detector will respond quickly to a gas leak within a sensing range radius of typically 20m (65 ft), dependent upon background noise.

No False Alarms
The high-end spectral analysis delivers best-in-class detection of high-pressure gas leaks in real-world environments.

Wide Zone Coverage
Typically 20m (65 ft) detection radius, dependent upon background ultrasonic noise levels.

Complements Existing Gas Detectors
The Searchzone Sonik seamlessly integrates with existing point-and-open path gas detectors, thus creating the optimal gas detection mix.

No Moving Parts
The solid-state sensor works flawlessly even in the harshest environments and doesn’t need additional calibration.

Simple Installation and Alignment
The Platform Universal Mount with 3 graduated degrees of freedom enables easy mechanical set-up.

Bluetooth Compatibility
Set-up and interrogation from the ground level are available via Bluetooth by using the Honeywell Platform application on IS mobile phones. Depending on the mobile device, the range can reach up to 20 m (65 ft).

Instrument Status at a Glance
The Searchzone Sonik features a bright signal light – green, yellow, red, or blue -. providing a clear indication of the instrument status.

Full Operational Logs
Enables post-event analysis to assess overall performance and allows security checks.
Fast Commissioning – the Searchzone Sonik App allows users to save configurations and upload them to other Searchzone Soniks for quick and easy commissioning.

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Product: Honeywell Searchzone Sonik Fixed Gas Detector