Top 5 BW Technologies Products

BW Technologies by Honeywell specialise in portable gas detection, offering a comprehensive range of devices to keep your workers safe on site. Here at Rockall, we have a generous selection available to suit a wide range of requirements.

Our selection includes various single and multi gas detectors that can monitor levels of gases including LELs, H2S, O2 and CO. We also stock plenty compatible spares and accessories including cases, chargers, sensors and docking stations, all of which work to streamline your working day and assist with ensuring protection for your workers.

Below we have listed our top five BW products that can be found on the Rockall site, showcasing what each has to offer and helping you to make an informed decision.

GasAlert MicroClip XL

MicroClip XL Gas Detector 

Offering safety for a worker in a hazardous environment, the Microclip XL is a reliable solution for monitoring toxic gases in the atmosphere. Capable of detecting up to four hazards, this monitor offers continuous visual compliance with IntelliFlash.

Its simple one-button operation is easy to use, reducing training time for workers. It has a thin and lightweight build which is comfortable for the user to wear, but still offers a robust design that can withstand harsh conditions. Complete with a battery life of 18 hours, this device is ready to go when you are.



BW Conntect

Connect Real-Time Wireless Adaptor

Designed to seamlessly integrate your mobile device with your gas detector, the BW Connect ensures that the safety of each worker is easily monitored remotely. Compatible with a range of BW gas monitors, this device is a useful addition to your safety equipment.

Using a stable Bluetooth connection, this device is an easy-to-use safety solution that is compatible with the Honeywell Safety Communicator App. It allows for quick checking of bump tests, calibration and event logs, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available.


Honeywell BW Ultra Gas Detector (Yellow & Black Variants Side By Side)

BW Ultra 5 Gas Detector

Designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, the BW Ultra 5 Gas Detector is a handheld solution to sampling and monitoring confined spaces. Capable of detecting up to five gases, this monitor uses advanced the 1-Series sensor which offers fast response and reliable performance.

This innovative device features a large, easy to view screen with an LCD dot matrix high resolution display for easy reading. Complete with a one-button operation for easy use even when wearing gloves. Its robust design ensures maximum durability, and the device has a battery life of 18 hours for prolonged use.



Honeywell BW Solo Gas Detector - Yellow Variant

BW Solo Gas Detector

Able to detect up to 14 pre-selected gases, the BW Solo is an easy to use safety solution that can streamline your working day. This device features Bluetooth Low Energy technology as standard that allows real-time updates to be viewed by other workers, helping teams to work together more efficiently.

With a battery life of over 12 months, the BW gas monitor can provide complete reliability for workers in potentially hazardous situations. Its user-friendly operation has a clearly visible screen and is easy to maintain for long-lasting use.



BW GasAlertQuattro

GasAlertQuattro Gas Detector

The robust and reliable GasAlertQuattro is designed to detect up to four gases in the atmosphere, providing safety for your workers in hazardous areas. This device uses audible, visual and vibrating alarms to alert the user to dangerous levels of toxic gases in the atmosphere.

Its slimline design is comfortable for the user to wear and features a one button operation that is easy to use. The LCD screen clearly displays all relevant information, including bump test and calibration status, for simplified auditing.



To see the full range of BW products, take a look here.

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Posted by Laura Dronfield

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