Rae Systems ToxiRAE Pro Gas Detector Series

Rae Systems ToxiRAE Pro Gas Detector Series

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From: £391.99

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Rae Systems ToxiRAE Pro Gas Detector Series

Rae Systems ToxiRAE Pro Gas Detector Series

From: £391.99

£0.00 inc VAT

Rae Systems ToxiRAE Pro Series

Compact, reliable and easy-to-use, the ToxiRAE Pro gas detector detects gases in the atmosphere but doesn’t get in the way of workers doing their job.

This gas monitor can detect a range of gases including carbon dioxide, and provides unmistakable five-way local and remote alarms if a threat is detected or a man is down.

For environments where combustible gases can pose a threat to your workers and your facility, this personal wireless monitor provides the visibility you need for fast incident response. Plus, it offers the flexibility of easily swappable sensors to monitor for different gases in different situations.

Key Features

  • Multiple configuration settings, including O2, LEL, CO2 and VOC
  • 190 built‐in PID correction factors
  • Can be configured as a PID monitor, using a reliable VOC sensor.
  • 55 built‐in LEL correction factors
  • CO2 promptly detects / monitors Carbon Dioxide in concentrations from 0 to 50,000ppm.
  • Wireless access to real‐time instrument readings and alarm status from any location (including Man Down Alarm)
  • Unmistakable five‐way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions
  • Largest display in its class
  • Reliable, rugged, and intrinsically safe
  • Policy enforcement features (option)
  • Continuous datalogging
  • Easy to use
  • User‐replaceable sensor, filter, fan, and Lithium‐ion battery
  • Fully automated bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2

Compatible Gas Types

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SIZE4.6″ H x 2.4″ W x 1.2″ D (118 x 60 x 30 mm)
WEIGHT7.76 oz. (220 g)
SENSORSOver 20 intelligent interchangeable field-replaceable electrochemical
BATTERYRechargeable Li-ion battery
– Operating time: > 30 hours (normal operation, non-wireless)
– Recharge time: < 4 hours through charging cradle
DISPLAYGraphical LCD display with white LED backlighting (activated when
monitor is in alarm or with a button press)
DISPLAY READOUT– Real-time reading of gas concentrations in parts per million (ppm)
or mg/m3; battery status; data logging on/off; wireless on/off and
reception quality
– STEL, TWA, and peak values
KEYPAD2 buttons for operation and programming
CALIBRATIONAutomatic with AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System2 or manual
ALARM MODES– Wireless remote alarm notification; audible (95 dB @ 30 cm),
vibration, visible alarm (flashing bright red LEDs), and on-screen
indication of alarm conditions.
– Man Down Alarm with pre-alarm and real-time remote wireless
DATALOGGINGContinuous datalogging with a three-month capacity
(at one-minute intervals)
– User-configurable datalogging interval (from 1 to 3,600 seconds)
– Data download and instrument set-up on PC via charging and PC
comm. cradle
– Data download via AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System
– Wireless data and status transmission1 via built-in RF modem (optional)
WIRELESS NETWORKProRAE Guardian Real-Time Wireless Safety System or Closed
Loop Network with the EchoView Host
WIRELESS RANGE (TYPICAL)ToxiRAE Pro to Mesh Router, EchoView Host, or Mesh Reader2
~ 660 feet (200 meters)
ToxiRAE Pro to RAELink3 Mesh or RAELink3 Z1 Mesh modems
~ 330 feet (100 meters)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE-4° to 131°F (-20° to 55°C)
HUMIDITY 0% to 95% relative humidity
DUST AND WATER RESISTANCEIP-65 rating for dust and water ingress protection
(validated by an independent test laboratory)
SAFETY CERTIFICATIONSCSA: Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D. T-code T4 Class I,
Zone 0 A/Exia IIC T4
ATEX: , II 1G, Ex ia IIC Ga T4
IECEx: Ex ia IIC Ga T4
China Ex: Ex ia IIC T4
EMC/RFIEMC directive: 2004/108/EC
WARRANTY– Four years on O2 sensor
– Three years on H2S and CO sensors
– Two years on non-consumable components
– One year on all other sensors, battery, and other consumable parts
WIRELESS FREQUENCYISM license-free band. IEEE 802.15.4 Sub 1GHz

Sensor Ranges

Gas MonitorRangeResolution
AMMONIA (NH3)0 to 100 ppm1 ppm
0 to 500 ppm
0 to 2,000 ppm
0 to 2,000 ppm
1 ppm
10 ppm
10 ppm
CHLORINE (CI2)0 to 50 ppm0.1 ppm
CHLORINE DIOXIDE (CIO2)0 to 1 ppm0.03 ppm
0 to 100 ppm
0 to 10 ppm
0 to 500 ppm
1 ppm
0.1 ppm
10 ppm
FORMALDEHYDE (HCHO)0 to 10 ppm0.05 ppm
HYDROGEN (H2)0 to 1,000 ppm10ppm
HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN)0 to 50 ppm0.5 ppm
0 to 100 ppm
0 to 1,000 ppm
0.1 ppm
1 ppm
METHYL MERCAPTAN (CH3-SH)0 to 10 ppm0.1 ppm
NITRIC OXIDE (NO)0 to 250 ppm0.5 ppm
NITROGEN DIOXIDE (NO2)0 to 20 ppm0.1 ppm
OXYGEN (O2)0 to 30% Vol0.1% Vol
PHOSPHINE (PH3)0 to 20 ppm0.1 ppm
SULFUR DIOXIDE (SO2)0 to 20 ppm0.1 ppm


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